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  1. Vodal

    Dec 27,  · When Memories Never Fade, The Past Can Poison The Present: Shots - Health News Only a rare few people have the ability to remember everything that happened in their lives. But that gift can seem.
  2. Malakasa

    Well, the poor man died by your first order, which was carried by a winged messenger. Some tardy cripple must have taken the counter-order, who came after Clarence was already buried.
  3. Vujora

    not the least inkling=nicht die leiseste Ahnung; not the slightest hurry=nicht die geringste Eile; not till=nicht vor; not to be delayed=unaufschiebbar; not to be getting anywhere=nicht vom Fleck kommen; not to be keen on it=wenig Lust dazu haben; not to begrudge=gönnen; not to budge=sich nicht vom Fleck rühren.
  4. Totilar

    It's where you go if you die alone in your flat and your body lies undisturbed for days. It's where you go if no one knew you were dying and no GP attended your final hours. It's where you go if no loved one held your hand as you slipped away. In one way or another, then, all the people who pass through this room are the people who die.
  5. Nikokree

    Beloved Chapter Paul D remembers the trembling that marked his time in an Alfred, GA prison in cages built into trenches. He was sent there after he tried to murder Brandywine, the man Schoolteacher sold him to after he tried to escape from Sweet sukabermidocaphanrietihosalbi.coinfo Alfred, the men were chained to each other, and they awoke at dawn to first satisfy the guards' desire for oral sex, .
  6. Tegore

    The unknown, the unknowable. The blank faces. The overwhelming otherness. This is not to justify what occurred on March 16, , for in my view such justifications are both futile and outrageous. Rather, it’s to bear witness to the mystery of evil. Twenty-five years ago, as a terrified young PFC, I too could taste the sunlight. I could smell.
  7. Grotaur

    Part 1: DEATH AND CHOCOLATE First the colors. Then the humans. That's usually how I see things. Or at least, how I try. ***HERE IS A SMALL FACT *** You are going to die.
  8. Douktilar

    When the priest speaks of "another life," Meursault insists that there is only earthly life. Meursault calls the priest "monsieur," explaining that the priest isn't his father. Meursault adamantly refuses to accept religion's 'higher meanings' and insists on the importance of physical experience. For every religious notion the chaplain proposes.

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